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APN - The Details

Key Features of APN

Collaborative purchasing – we work together to get you want you want.
Same or similar products and services – you choose.
Centralized ordering and improved efficiency.
Personalized service. APN is there to help fulfill your needs and meet your deadlines.
Specialized negotiation – APN has considerable experience in product and service negotiation, and can help you save money in areas outside of your specialty.
No long-term contracts or commitments. No hidden fees.

What products and services can APN supply?

Office Supplies & Equipment – Everything from paper clips to computers, printers, copiers and furniture
Promotional Items – Hats, t-shirts, bags, advertising materials, corporate gift buying
Telecommunications – Phone systems, equipment and service, T-1 lines, cell phones
Data Management – Data mining, networking, storage, document management
Outsourced Billing – Complete off-site billing services
Information Technology – Hardware and software
A/V Equipment & Supplies – Tape stock and equipment, projectors, easels
Production Supplies –Grip equipment, walkie-talkies, bull horns
Construction Materials – Plumbing, electrical, HVAC supplies, lumber, alarm systems, roofing materials, paint
Delivery & Distribution – Mailroom and shipping supplies, distribution systems, freight, overnight shipping
Store Build-out – Wall systems, cash wrap, carpet, back room, signage, store supplies, pest control, equipment maintenance, etc.

And much, much more.

What is the cost of using APN?

APN works on contingency, retaining a percentage of your cost savings. APN is a risk-free, win/win purchasing solution for your company.